Monthly Archives: March 2012

Solution for facebook logouturl not working

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we can get the user information,facebook loginUrl and logoutUrl from the below code using facebook SDK. but now the logoutUrl is not working in facebook by using below code $config = array( ‘appId’ => ’1234′, ‘secret’ => ’123456789′,’fileUpload’ => true, … Continue reading

Facebook FQL query using graph api

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we can run facebook FQL query using the graph api. Here example to get facebook photos from facebook album First we need to include the facebook class then create an object of facebook class by using a simple example of … Continue reading

Create photo albums and upload photos using the Facebook Graph API

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By using Facebook graph API allow us to access public information like user’s first name, last name and profile picture are publicly available. To get additional access like upload photos,create albums,you must first get their permission.The code example assumes that … Continue reading